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Regenerative Spine Care

There is a growing evidence base that stem cells can not only stop inflammation but perhaps help spine tissues recover from injury. Dr. Haque uses the latest in stem cell/regenerative spine surgical methods to help patients recover.

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Dr. Haque uses the latest minimally invasive techniques and instrumentation to access the spine through a small incision to help patients recover in a shorter period of time and allow for a quicker return home. 

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Back pain can end a sports career. Dr. Haque offers both nonsurgical and surgical solutions to get you back in the game, efficiently and in the most minimally invasive manners possible. He has provided spine care solutions for professional athletes.

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Should you see a spine specialist?

Have you experienced any...

Loss of control of bowel or bladder?

Loss of bowel/bladder control is an EMERGENCY symptom. You need to see a spine surgeon or go to an Emergency Room within 24 hours, or the symptom could become permanent. Call our office IMMEDIATELY: 321-939-0222.

Numbness or tingling in an arm or leg?

Numbness, pain or tingling into a leg or arm, especially when it extends below a knee or elbow, could imply a disc problem, and should be seen by a spine specialist within 2 days. Call our office at 321-939-0222 or request an appointment.

Difficulty moving an arm or leg?

Difficulty moving an arm or leg could imply a disc problem, and should be seen by a spine specialist within 2 days. Call our office at 321-939-0222 or request an appointment.

SEVERE trauma, fall or car accident?

Any traumatic fall or car accident could have fractured bones in your spine, or herniated a disc. You should see a spine specialist promptly who may perform X-rays to assess you. Call our office at 321-939-0222 or request an appointment.

Neck pain WITH severe headache, nausea, bright lights bother your eyes?

Neck pain with headache/nausea is an EMERGENCY symptom. See a doctor in 24 hours. Call our office IMMEDIATELY: 321-939-0222.

None of the above

Did the pain come on after lifting, or after aggressive exercise or sports activity?

Do you NEED Spine Surgery?

Dr. Maahir Haque specializes in complex spine surgery and has treated patients from all around the world. If you need surgery, Dr. Haque can treat you regardless of where you live.

Out of Network Spine Surgery

With deductibles increasing and insurance companies delaying or refusing necessary care, the quickest path to relief is sometimes to remain Out of Network. This is especially true with more cutting edge, less invasive surgical options like endoscopic spine surgery.

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International Patient Program

Treating spine patients from around the globe

Spine Group Orlando is uniquely positioned as a true spine surgery destination. We offer a concierge program including competitively-priced bundled payments for services from injections to same day minimally invasive spine procedures including endoscopic discectomy, microdiscectomy, laminectomy, anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF), and minimally invasive fusions. Postop care including private duty nursing and PT can be provided as patients recover in some of the world’s premiere resort facilities. We can assist patients postoperatively to seek accomodation from Orlando’s theme parks. Translation services available at a reasonable cost.

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Centers for Artificial Disc

Spine Group Orlando is featured by, a national listing of spine surgeons who specialize in artificial disc replacement and are trained in the use of the most current FDA-approved artificial discs for motion preservation that reduce the risk of future herniations caused by fusion.
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Advanced Spinal Reconstruction Procedure Now Available
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What our patients say?

"His bedside manner was wonderful and calming to all of us. The surgery and recovery went great and the doctor is an outstanding skilled surgeon."

Patrice D.

"The office staff is friendly and accommodating , the Dr. Is very professional and compassionate. A five star facility."

Brian G.

"He is a hero because he searched until he found the cause of my pain . No one else seemed to take the time to discover it and in the meantime I was in debilitating pain. Dr. Haque is kind, compassionate and really listens to what you have to say."


"I went to Dr. Haque for a second opinion. He provided an option that was less invasive and quicker recovery. He provided me with all the information to allow me to make an informed decision. Everything turned out just as he predicted. I was up and walking the same day as my lower back surgery. It was amazing."


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